Holy Family Tours is a tour operator from Nazareth in the holy land specialized in incoming tourism, organizing tours, programs for groups and individuals to the holy land.

Holy Family Tours has more than two decades of experience, it’s the fruit of my father’s work who had been working in the Sector of Tourism more than 45 years since the year 1965 attending pilgrims and tourists in the Holy Land and has been awarded from the Ministry of Tourism in Israel the title of “Distinguished Tourism Employee” in recognition of outstanding contributions to the improvement of the tourism services.

His Christian family have been inspired to continue his work by establishing the agency called Holy Family Tours on the name of the Holy Family of Nazareth, which today it is directed by his sons who are also Tour Guides. This adds to their profession to be more specialists with experience and knowledge of all kinds of tours to the holy land, speaking different languages, Arabic – Hebrew – English- French- Italian – Spanish.
Since that, we believe our selves to be the best qualified in understanding and tending the client’s needs & desires.

Our Aim is to give the opportunity to the pilgrims to know, touch, feel the Holy places, living stones and to listen to the rich explanation giving by our best qualified Christian Guides who know exactly that the pilgrims came with full of passion and love to see this land of whom the Bible is speaking, which later their visit will be printed in their hearts and minds as a beautiful and unforgettable experience.

Our Mission is to spread the teaching and message of Jesus to the Christians and to everyone through visiting the Holy Land and following in the footsteps of Jesus, help them to come close to the Lord by touching their hearts the word of God while meditating on it in each Holy place.

Our Service is unique, very personal and looking to exceed your expectation .
Service does not mean Low-Cost Tour, it does mean working on every component of the tour to make it perfect as our service, beginning from: designing the tour, choosing good Hotels, Restaurants, Buses, working with selected Bus drivers, Tour guides and ending with our mission, which the quality and clarity of the service will leave an imprint at the client.

We are at your disposal, if you need any proposal or inquiry about prices or something else, please do not hesitate and contact us as soon as possible.

Looking forward to hear from you and develop soon a mutually relationship.

Holy Family Tours is your family in the Holy Land.

Khalil Saba